Alex McCollister

Systems Administrator

Q. What do you bring to the table?

Plenty of experience with all types of computers and software, combined with an aptitude for problem solving and a desire to educate. Also, an uncommon sartorial sensibility that isn’t overbearing. And probably a beer.

Q. What do you love about Firespring?

They gave me a chance to prove my knowledge and ability when they didn’t have to. Now I’ve been given the responsibility to make Firespring a better place to work. I love that we have the autonomy to put our ideas into action. I’m not crazy about that Chad guy, though.

Q. What’s something interesting about you?

I’ll talk with anyone about new web services, apps, software and workflows. Also consumer hardware. Also games. I’ll talk with almost anyone about almost anything, actually. Come visit and I’ll get Randy to open the keg.