The Beginning

Our doors first opened for business as AlphaGraphics #332 in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. The business broke the first-year sales record for the 350-store network and was the fastest franchise at the time to reach $1 million in annual sales. In other words, the Rand-man was mak-in’ some cop-ies.


Level Up

An internet services division called Level100 Communications spins off from the printshop operating out of the basement. Level100 becomes one of the first in the industry to offer point-and-click content management, but most of the servers were still steam-powered back then.


A New Solution

PremierSite, a website solution for printers, launched to the AlphaGraphics franchise network. A year later, PremierSite rebrands as PrinterPresence and begins selling to printers throughout North America. Eventually, world domination ensues.


We’re So Corporate

After careful thought and strategic deliberation, Digital IMS Corporation formed. The “IMS” stood for Integrated Marketing Solutions in case you’re keeping score at home, which you probably are.


We Hauled

Digital IMS moves from its downtown location to University of Nebraska Technology Park. Our Innovation Drive address inspires the naming of several future conference rooms. True story.


Let’s Talk

The Digital Community Initiative is founded, creating a collaborative environment to build website and marketing solutions for nonprofit organizations. It later becomes the Digital Community Foundation, which sounds way more grown up.


On The Move Again

Returning to downtown Lincoln, Digital IMS moves its corporate headquarters to the Atrium Building, just a stone’s throw from where it all started.

The other tenants are apprehensive at first, but soon learn to embrace us. (We’re pretty sure it was the bake sales.)


That’s Our Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Digital IMS changes its name to Firespring to create a national brand. Out with the acronym, in with the abstract! In case you’re wondering, there is no space and the “s” is never capitalized. Just sayin’.


Let It Rain

Firespring welcomes its 3,000th client and donates 3,000 bottles of water to Matt Talbot Kitchen, Gathering Place and People’s City Mission to commemorate the sale. We called it H2Outpour, which is kinda fun.


Oh, You Shouldn’t Have

Firespring receives Corporate Marketer of the Year from the Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association. The plaque proudly looks upon us during our daily 11-minute meeting for all employees at 11:11 (the Firestarter).


Stop It, You’re Making Us Blush

Firespring is named one of the Top 50 Small Company Workplaces by Inc. magazine. This is kind of a big deal since there were only 49 other companies that also received the honor.


Brand New Digs

Firespring moves to its new corporate headquarters in south Lincoln at 1201 Infinity Court. The move marked the first time in 10 years that Firespring and Cornerstone Print & Marketing shared the same space. Let’s just say those printers sure can party.


Cracking Triple Digits

The latest round of hires brings the Firespring staff to 100+ employees. In related news, daily slide traffic and keg consumption both enjoy a considerable spike (but not at the same time).


Let’s Join Forces

Floor99 merges with Firespring to add a broader product offering to the nonprofit sector. This is sort of like the premise from The Brady Bunch, except that, instead of three kids from one family joining three from another, it was more like 10 joining 100. Also, neither of our parents are architects and we’re not sure who would play Alice. (Maybe Carol?)

We’ve still got a long way to go.

Our most important resource—our people—help us evolve and improve each and every day. If you want to be a part of that, check out our Careers page.