Sara Schaepe

No Limits Assistant

Q. What do you bring to the table?

I’m incredibly passionate, dedicated, and hardworking. I try to have a “sled dog” mentality. I’m really good at taking a lot of information and data and organizing it into being manageable and efficient. Organization makes my heart and soul happy.

Q. What do you love about Firespring?

I love the culture. It’s awesome to see people hanging out outside of work and excited to spend a Friday night with people from their job. You don’t see that very often and it’s refreshing.

Q. What’s something interesting about you?

Probably not interesting and more annoying (according to my friends and family) but I love CrossFit. I’ll talk about it all day if you’ll let me (but I’ve learned to keep it deeply suppressed). Ask me about my scars. If it’s during the Open, Regionals or the Games, I’m glued to my phone and basically useless. Also, I sometimes randomly pass out due to a heart condition I’ve had since I was seventeen. It makes life (and CrossFit) interesting.