Mandy Sterling

Variable Data Developer

Q. What do you bring to the table?

I have over seven years experience in print and have created variable data documents for our clients for over four years now. I pride myself in my speed and accuracy.

Q. What do you love about Firespring?

The people and atmosphere. It feels like a second home here and I never dread coming to work. Everyone seems to genuinely care about everyone else and there’s never a dull moment. Plus there’s a slide… and beer!

Q. What’s something interesting about you?

I recently had a daughter, Alexa, whom I adore. A couple of years ago, we bought a 36-foot camper and go as often as we can. We tend to catch a lot of grief from friends about how camper camping isn’t really camping, but I LOVE having a vacation home that we can take anywhere. I cant wait to make new memories with our daughter on our camping adventures!