Caroline Winder

Do you or your clients have different locations? Lots of employees? Printed marketing pieces that feature a logo and have variable information? Do you work with a graphic designer? Have lots of reorders? If you said yes to any of these, VersaDoc may be a great fit!

VersaDoc is a tool that provides the ability for a customer to order branded marketing materials 24 hours a day and see an immediate proof. It saves time for the printer and the client! Plus, getting set up is easy. To get started all we need are native files for output, fonts, links and a PDF of the item with samples.

There are many benefits of using VersaDoc:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Users have access to a 24-hour online portal.
  • Users receive an immediate proof with option to modify.
  • Users have an auto token link that will automatically log them into their portal without entering a username or password to order specific items.
  • The ordering process is directly in you or your customer’s hands—VersaDoc users can approve their own order without interrupting a designer’s workflow.
  • It also means a designer doesn’t have to manually type staff member’s names in to proof every single item.
  • Marketers can use the tool to impose rules and guidelines for formatting tracking on documents. This ensures the document’s design integrity by limiting what information can be entered.
  • It includes the ability to send files through the website—you can send a proof inside the portal, keeping it all in a centralized area out of email.
  • To further streamline automation in the workplace, we can auto process your files.

Here’s a breakdown of how VersaDoc works:

1. Log into your portal.

2. Browse your document library for the item you want to order.

3. Complete the variable data fields by choosing your layout, entering your information and/or choosing images.

4. Preview your proof.

5. Complete the form and await our confirmation email. 

If VersaDoc sounds like a great way to make you or your clients’ workflow, well, flow, we can help you get set up—just get in touch here