At Firespring we like to celebrate almost anything. So it’s no surprise that Firespringers and their friends and family gathered to commemorate the “sort-of” national holiday—and vote for the ads we thought were best, and worst. Super Bowl LI started slow and finished strong, and just like the game, the ads are going into overtime to generate more awareness and interest for brands that spent $5 million per 30 second spot. These days the bonus payoff comes in the form of social media views before, during and after the Big Game.

The winner of Firespring's Super Bowl commercial poll was Budweiser's "Born the Hard Way," which focused on the journey an immigrant from Germany (Adolphus Busch) who wanted to come to America to brew a beer his way.  Audi's "Daughter" struck an emotional chord with Firespring voters. It seems that serious and emotional won out this year over slapstick-funny, but Melissa McCarthy setting out to save the world with her Kia and Skittle's "Romance" spots did make it into our top five. Hyundai’s heartwarming spot that reunited soldiers overseas with their families to virtually watch the Super Bowl together was also a hit.

The bottom three all advertised online games. World of Tanks, "Real Awful Moms" had the lowest score, followed by the The Battle of Evony and Mobile Strike featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. But in the Super Bowl of branding any attention is good attention. You just want the over 111 million viewers to remember your ad, and your name.

The 84 Lumber spot has received a lot of attention and a ton of online views. But at Firespring it’s a love it or hate it kind of ad. While it received as many first-place votes as the Budweiser spot, it also received the most votes for last. Our group gave it an overall ranking of 5.9. Still, 84 Lumber may have gotten their money’s worth. Their website crashed because of all the traffic generated by people who wanted to see the full commercial, and they were one of the brands trending on Twitter.

So that’s a wrap on the Big Game for 2017. The best part is we had a great time watching, voting and sharing with you. Can’t wait until next year!

Top five Super Bowl TV spots rated by Firespring on a 10-point scale:

BUDWEISER: Born The Hard Way: 7.84

AUDI: Daughter: 7.83

KIA: Hero's Journey: 7.25

HYUNDAI USA: Military Families: 7.2

SKITTLES: Romance: 7.0

Bottom three Super Bowl TV spots rated by Firespring

WORLD OF TANKS: Real Awful Moms: 3.7

TOP GAMES US: The Battle of Evony: 4.0

MOBILE STRIKE: Arnold Schwarzenegger: 4.0