After perfecting my slide landing for the final time that day, I set out towards the break room, nervous anticipation growing as I could hear the laughter and chatter of my coworkers getting louder and louder. I entered the room and made a beeline for the glasses, keeping my gaze toward the floor.

Are interns even allowed to drink the beer? Will someone card me? Should I be drinking on my first day?

Thoughts raced through my head as I stepped toward the tap, the room quiet by my final step. My vision laser-focused and my heartbeat in my ears, I placed my cup under the spout to begin the pour. I knew every eye was on me; and from what sounded like a mile away I heard Ryan offer his commentary on what was about to happen: “Let’s see how he pours it, then we will know.”

“Do you think he even likes beer?” another person added in a hushed voice.

I straightened the glass out, finishing the top off with a nice, foamy head. Before I could turn around and taste the cold beverage I just poured, the room erupted into applause and laughter. An hour later, everyone (and their dog) introduced themselves to me and gave me the lowdown on the five things every Firespring intern should do:

DO: Use the slide. Daily.

If you can find a faster way to get from the 2nd floor to the 1st without breaking a leg, let me know so I can be there to take a video and drive you to the hospital afterward.  

DO: Get to know your coworkers.

While over 200 people call Firespring home, there is a reason we call ourselves a family (and it’s not just because there are five married couples working here). When one Firespringer’s house caught fire earlier this year, I saw an immediate outpouring of love and support helping her back on her feet that would be impossible to find elsewhere.

DO: Eat lunch somewhere besides the “kids table.”

Even though I may have created the Slack channel by the same name, sitting with different people at lunch is a great informal way to get to know others. You might find someone with similar interests, such as film photography or underwater basket weaving. You might also spend your lunch hour tracing the journey of a vintage Kodak camera from Culver City, California to a Lincoln, Nebraska Goodwill.

DO: Go to Culture Club events and dress up in costume at every opportunity.

I’m not just talking about going all-out 80’s for our alumni party or Halloween, but dressing up any chance you get. St. Patrick’s Day? Feel free to wear a kilt. National Hot Dog Day? Feel free to show up in this bad boy. No matter how silly you think you’ll look, the funny photos and memories from the event are worth it. Plus, who doesn’t like free bowling with your coworkers?

DO: Drink a beer on your first day.

After a few months in my role as a marketing intern at Firespring, I’ve learned a few things. Yes, interns are allowed to drink the beer, and yes, they have to be of age. But, should you take advantage of the after-hours refreshments and drink a beer with your coworkers on your first day on the job? The answer is a resounding YES.

While not every internship experience is the same, the advice I was left with at the end of my first day has served me well so far. I used the slide so much I broke my phone, won the Gutterfest trophy for best bowler (sorry Ben, interns can win the trophy too) and somehow the people I shoot the shit with every day after hours have convinced me to go with them on a 14-mile bike ride (to a bar). Want to learn more about Firespring and get a taste of our day-today? Join us for a tour every third Friday of the month.