Seasons greetings, friends!

WOW!!!! What a year it has been. As another amazing year comes zipping to a close, we’ve been reflecting on everything that’s happened in 2016. It’s been SUCH a big year—we don’t even know where to start! One of our highlights was definitely being named a best workplace by Inc. Magazine. So sweet of them to think of us!!! smile

Some Firespringers sure have been busy, if you know what we mean wink Zach, Tyson, Meg and Christopher all had babies in 2016, and Andrew, Lindsay and Maellyn all have their own little ones on the way. Our Firespring family is growing too. This year we welcomed Jacob North and A to Z Printing as the newest additions to the clan!

It’s been a very exciting time as we’ve had lots of new team members joining our Firespring family. Sarah, Emma and David are the newest additions to our support team, and our client onboarding team welcomed Haylee and Megan. Speaking of, our onboarding team took over 300 client sites live in 2016. WOW!!! Can you say busy??!

We’re a buncha jokesters. On April Fool’s Day, we all “walked out” (get it???) to volunteer together! As a result of all our volunteering, we made B Corporation’s list of the “Best for Community” companies—hard work really does pay off!!!

We got to work on some really neat projects this year, including creating a new brand for the state Department of Economic Development and shooting video every Saturday at Memorial Stadium for LinPepCo (GBR!). Lisa’s highlight of the year was working on a TOP SECRET project for a CLASSIFIED CLIENT. She says she’d tell you, but then she’d have to kill you! Ha!! smile smile smile

Of course, you might recall that we have clients worldwide. As of 2016, we have clients in all 50 states. Big shoutout to our new pals at the Hawaii Chapter National Hemophilia Foundation!

Our content team is still missing the Oxford comma, but they’ve been filling the void with Manny, their department betta fish (three months alive and still going strong!). We think the pet will really teach them some important lessons about responsibility.

The Enterprise has landed! Erin has been busy preparing for the rollout of our new MIS provider—really exciting stuff! And even though we’ve been busy, we still managed to have some fun around here. (You know what they say about all work and no play. LOL.) Culture Clubbers DJ, Lindsay, Ronni and Molly helped seat and feed 200 Firespringers for our annual Thanksgiving. (There go our diets! raspberry)

We’re a team, but of course we’ve all had our own personal milestones this year. Jay published his first book, and Michaela PRed in nacho eating. It truly has been a big year for all of us.

From our family to yours: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! <3