Our animator Jake can draw inspiration from the most random things—including National Cheeseburger Day. (Among the most esteemed days of the year, in our ravenous opinion.)

Of course, his cheeseburger is masquerading as a familiar face, as you’ll see below:


It took Jake about 60 hours to produce this video, which is a hybrid of traditional and computer animation. A good rule of thumb, Jake says, is an hour per second of animation. Holy carpal tunnel syndrome, Batman!

To create this animation, Jake used Toon Boom Harmony, a program used industry-wide, an iPad Pro and Apple pencil.

Watch how it all comes together:


Jake has been drawing as long as he can remember, but it’s only in the past year that he’s started bringing his hand-drawn illustrations to life—both for our clients and for our own amusement.

Stay tooned (see what we did there?) for Jake’s next animated short.