Ask anyone in the building what they think the coolest, most successful “thing” they helped create for clients in 2017 might be and you’ll probably get the same response. 

It’s tough choices like this that make us grin because every heartbeat in this marketing and print hub brought it (values nation) all year, cranking out hit after uniquely crafted hit for local, regional and national businesses and nonprofits.  

Time does fly when you’re a force for good and havin’ fun. Here’s a handful of 2017 faves that came to most of our minds upon reflection. 

160⁰ is Good – STEC CAP

What’s better than a juicy patty fresh off the grill? Knowing how to prepare it in a way that doesn’t get ya legit sick or, in extreme cases, kill a carnivore.

Working in collaboration on the STEC CAP grant, researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture–National Institute of Food and Agriculture, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, North Carolina State University and Kansas State University joined forces to protect public health against STEC (Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli).

This group effort was geared toward more than just proper ground beef preparation awareness. It was set to educate AND change behaviors—in 16 weeks. A tall order that the creation of a fresh campaign brand look, voice and tone pared with a modern microsite, digital media placement, radio, PR strategies, a social media quiz and animation for days successfully achieved in the test market of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Branding – PaymentSpring

After Nelnet purchased PaymentSpring, we were tasked with rebranding the payment processing company and helping identify and market differentiators geared toward setting this startup-style company apart from the well-established “big box” payments alternatives.

An entirely new brand look and feel was crafted along with a clean, brochure-like website, content marketing (by way of blogs and white papers), trade show materials and digital/social assets targeting multiple audience segmentations.

Social, Social, Social – Valentino’s

Firespring and Val’s teamed up to sauce up several marketing facets, including (social media. Rapid growth in followers and engagement rapidly ensued across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Two years later, Val's saw a follower increase of 67% on Twitter, 17% on Facebook and 323% on Instagram. Pizza fans engaged with the brand 8,691% more on Twitter, 221% more on Facebook and 2,929% more on Instagram. Those numbers ain't playin’.

In addition to interacting with thousands of local pizza fans, businesses and even a few celebs hopped on the Val’s social train to engage in the pie.

All the Things – Print

Oh, yeeeeah! Wrapping a brick-like wall and swinging doors is no problem.

And when you “walk this way” inside Innovation Campus, it’ll be on top of our designers’ and installers’ brainchild.

These yard signs were a little something for us, because self-expression shows character.

Firespring’s printing arm seems to blink greatness (seriously, they’re fast and amazing in a way that appears effortless—but we know good and well, it’s all effort). From one- (or 10-) offs that solely hit that team to full-building collab efforts, our favorite print job varied, so here’s a few that floated to the front of our memory banks.

We could go on for a few more scrolls, but let’s digress with a 2017 cheers to a successful year filled with laughter, awesome partnerships (old and new) and killer projects that fill us with pride and allllll the warm fuzzies.